Japanese Buzzsaw

I may not be the most prolific artist, but I'm very proud that some of my stuff can double as a throwable, ninja weapon. The lion's face is from a Japanese pro-wrestling company, but I figured anyone who saw it would A) not recognize it, or B) give a shit about international copyright laws.
The design was orignally intended for a Rip Sexington t-shirt design for selling at rap shows, but I had new spray paint color (Better Times / that reddish purple) I wanted to try out, and decided to paint up a buzzsaw I had lying around. It's currently hanging near my bed, so any burglars foolish enough to break into Sexington Manor are gonna catch a face full of flyin' lion fury.

Mysterious fact: The buzzsaws have a hole in the center, and I used a certain old school trading card series to cover them on the back. The only way to reveal this card is to remove the buzzsaw, which presumably would only occur in a dire emergency. More on this later.

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