The FPU song writing process:

1. Gather as many members of the crew as possible. This can be a daunting task, as at any given moment, a sizable fraction of us are a) under house arrest b) in rehab or c) on hallucinagenics and are too scared to leave the house.

2. Trip to the liquor store.

3. Drink all the beer. Does anyone have more beer money? If yes, repeat step 2. If no, proceed to the next step.

4. Ahhh, the poetic magic of transforming our hopes and dreams into words that will express our emotions and ideas to the world. This would be a manageable process if we weren't so backwards on Coors Light and/or Tecate.

The end results tend to be pretty dope, but the process makes it difficult to collectively focus on a central theme or idea. Now, this may come accross as a bunch of drunks with microphones, but that's like concentrating on my finger when I'm pointing at the moon. We are like shamans, intoxicating ourselves in an effort to bring on mad visions that we record for spiritual posterity. Which brings me to today's track.

The Snake Song

Around the middle of Natural Born Killers, Mickey and Mallory stumble onto an old Native-American guy and his grandson, and old dude recalls a parable about a woman and a snake. If you saw it, you remember as being one of the coolest parts of the movie, if you missed it, here it is:

When you want top shelf lyrical content, there is a short list of local emcees. The Snake Gods smiled on me, as my first two choices not only agreed, but went fang-deep on this fucker.
Idegad, who also cooked up the epic beat, is just about as dangerous as an emcee/musician/human being can get. His verse is dense with lyrical gems, and gets better every time I hear it (we all performed this at a house party a few weeks back and I totally stepped on his verse. Sorry, Id. I gotta cut down on stage drinking).
MCLB is, hands down, my favorite area emcee. The guy is possessed, and working with him always brings out a rare competetiveness in me. And while it's just about impossible to top him, trying to brings out my freshest work.

Not only a rare example of an From Parts Unknown song with a central theme, but a pretty ill little posse cut, if I do say so myself. PLEASE STOP FUCKING WITH SNAKES!

The Snake Song
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