Flier Showcase

Are fliers art? Advertisements? Is there a common ground? I don't know, but as long as my associates are willing to trade illicit contraband in exchange for some photoshop magic, you can call me the god-damned Human Flier Factory. Between 2005-2010, I must have pumped out about 75 of these little fuckers. I had my good days and my bad, but here are 5 of my favorites...

When Worlds Collide - For a night of 80's hits and classic hip-hop. This is sort of a tribute to this Rolling Stone album cover. I'm especially proud of the photoshoppery on display, with my homies John Eukland and Renato Espinoza acting as hand look-alikes for this imaginary meeting.

Hell Razah - A night that will forever live in infamy. This was my first double-sided, glossy joint, and this side's Grindhouse-poster stylings came out particularly nice.

Saturday Night's Main Event - Anybody that knows me knows I have an unhealty obsession with lucha libre. As soon as I got some flier momentum going, I wanted to do a flyer in the style of those busy lucha posters posted all over downtown Tijuana. I was saving it for a big event, and when Mr. Volcano booked a million acts for this night in December, I knew it was time. Through a connection with the Daily Democrat, this actually ran a quarter page, in color that Friday, and even though it was eventually broken up by cops, a spectacular time was had by most.

DEVESTATOR - This flier is awesome for two reasons: It's a Russian propaganda-style poster for a rap show at the Stag, and it was the first show Butterscotch ever rocked with the crew.

Devil's Night Out - I like the retro look of this one, featuring Kriminal and a buxom sex-cat in a full body suit and go-go boots.

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