He's the DJ

I've started to do stencils as birthday gifts when I have the chance, largely due to the artsy/spraycan influence of my lovely girlfriend, Anna, who has been whipping up art as a gift for years now. Sure, it saves a few dollars, but the hours put into completing the birthday piece seems like a more thoughtful effort, and it's a good excuse to come up with an image that I might not normally think to put to canvas.

It was Joey Lisp's birthday last weekend, and I decided I wanted to do a stencil record, due to the fact that Lisp is the area's most prolific turntablist. I casually asked him via text who his favorite DJ was a few weeks back and as I waited for his response, I suspected he was going to name DJ Premiere. Curious if anyone else had done a DJ Premiere stencil, I typed it into Google and found this friggin' masterpiece, which was so good, I almost sold my spray can collection and called it quits. But he instead named DJ Jazzy Jeff, who most will probably remember as being the Fresh Prince's better half. Anybody who takes turntablism somewhat seriously will instead recognize him as basically being the Zeus of record spinning. I once saw him take the stage after the likes of Q-Bert and Grand Wizard Theodore, who had both tore the house down. He casually built up the tension in the venue, casually playing record after record. He started playing some heavy west coast stuff, working the crowd into a frenzy, and then just drops Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirt out of nowhere. If you would have told me beforehand that DJ Jazzy Jeff would have made the laid back, bay area hip hop crowd mosh with everything they had, I'd have called you a god damned liar, but there I was, still trying to pay for a rum and coke at the bar, unable to collect my change because I was fucking jumping up and down like a orangatang on meth, half trying to rock out and half trying not to spill my delicious drink. That's why I know when Joey Lisp says Jazzy Jeff is the best DJ, he's right.

I call this a stencil, but it's more like 20 little stencils laid on top of each other, the gold layer being my favorite. Happy Born Date, Lisp.

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  1. i was at that show (with you i believe) i couldn't have described it better myself. as a matter of fact, that show was so good i went to see him the very next night @ the Avalon, in sac. Where he performed the same set as he did the night before. After the show, he invited folks up to the stage for a meet & greet while the dj's had the party going. after i realized he was only inviting up girls with tight mini skirts & boots that went past there knees ,i was heart broken. What about your real fans jeff??