House Party Hoppin'

House Party Hoppin' is the most west coast song I've ever been on, and as a result, typically gets the best reaction when we play shows in Woodland. DJ Joey Lisps's ear-breaking bass was a little intimidating the first time I heard it, but when he explained it was going to be about a night of house party mayhem, everything fell into place.
And while "your friendly bartendener" Joey Lisp and me come correct, this is the song that established Jason Equis as a main eventer. With the authority of a drunken step-father, the Human Wrecking Ball's tale of stumbling among women at a house party is ridiculously vivid.
We made this during the Sparks era of my rap career, back before they took the caffiene out. Lines tended to be a little more random and hyperactive, but we were able to crank out tracks like this every week or so. Rest in Piece, Sparks when it was good. We didn't know what we had... til it was gone.

House Party Hoppin'
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