Not My Ritchie

If you have speakers, please do me a personal favor and hit play on this video right before you begin reading the rest.

I cry at the end of La Bamba. If I catch it in time and start thinking about dirtbikes and ice cream sundaes, I might get by with slightly glassy eyes, but usually, by the time Ritchie's mom throws her laundry down and pleads to Bob and God "Not my Ritchie," I start to lose it (real talk: I was just thinking about the exact moment of the movie gets me and stared to actually choke up a little in front of the computer). It's the one sappy thing in the world that gets me emotional, and I love the hell out of that movie.

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With the exception of Danny Trejo and a hand full of luchadores, there isn't a better example of a bad ass Mexican than Bob Morales. That kilo smuggling, snake eating, cartoon artist is like a Mexican Han Solo. Paying a stencil tribute to him was the obvious move, and since I didn't have any leather jackets lying around, the back of a guitar seemed like the proper canvas.

This is a good example of the fly screen filter being applied to the shadows and lighter highlights, as it really helps give depth to the simple image. I used the Montana color Sand for the skin, which has since prompted me to dub the color the official shade of Mexican peoples. And while this is one of slicker looking stencils, it's important to note that: It's not my first... or my last.

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  1. that is rad. i wish you would do that to my guitar