Road Trip: Paid Dues Festival / Venice Beach

2012 tailgate terrors

I was worried whether the day would be fun, but the fifty cent Otter Pops put my mind at ease.

Joey Lisp shares his opinion on Mac Lethal's whiny set.

The lineup.

Main stage indoors this year. I'll spare you several dozen blurry photos, but highlights included...

People Under the Stairs went on early, but the consensus was they had the livest set. To give you an idea of how fresh it was, they opened with Super Mario Bros. 2 being projected on a dude wearing a big white tee on stage. Not only did they play the first level, but Babu mixed a record with the level 1 music. Here they drop the stoner anthem, Acid Raidrops

Paid Dues was a bit of a sausage fest, but Freeway and Mikey manage to have a good time.

I asked Jake One who his favorite producer was.

The Dogg Pound didn't dissapoint, dropping most of their classics and even finding time to bring out the Lady of Rage (who dropped Afro Puffs!) and Snoop Dogg's Uncle June Bug.

Mikey and 9th Wonder discuss their upcoming mixtape project.

3 the Hard Way: Joey Lisp, Alchemist and Evidence

MURS' killed it, rocking his 3:16 tracks exclusively. Midway through his set, he unveiled the new joint, Asian Girls, featuring the rhyme debut of 9thmatic aka 9th Wonder!

By the end of the night, the atmosphere of the main building was actually 20% oxygen and 80% smoke. This bothered some more than others.


Thick chicks look at Rip like a piece of pan dulce.

Hulk Hogan's old stomping grounds, Venice Beach, California.

If you've never been there, here's what to expect: Palm trees, families, dudes trying to get you to listen to their CDs, and sad clowns.

2012 tailgate terrors...

...part two!

Joey "Gangsta Cyclops" Lisp and Mikey "Where all the leggings at?" Torres

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