Stolen Scripts

Hip hop nerds like myself may recall an incident in 2004 where Ghostface released a cryptic track entitled Get My Dough (this showed up on early versions of the Pretty Toney album, but has been omitted from later editions). A pretty classic Ghostface track with a sick sample and fun hook with Ghostface chastising some unknown offenders for not paying him money he was due.
A few months later, De La Soul released their Grind Date album, which was generally great and featured a collaboration with the Wallabee Kingpin himself, Ghostface Killa. What was strange was this collabo track, He Comes, used the same beat as Get My Dough, with Ghost spitting a similar hook and lyrics, but with his references to owed money being replaced with references to De La Soul.
And while nothing was official said on the matter, the obvious conclusion was Ghost had written the verse for the De La track, must not have recieved payment quickly enough, and flipped the beat as a vague diss track in response. My money is on all this being more of a misunderstanding than anything, and is surely water under the bridge by now.
On a slightly unrelated note, Ghostface did a completely separate song called Stolen Scripts on his More Fish album. It was a bizarre narrative about him meeting Ray Charles and writing the screenplay to Ray, only to have it stolen in a shady Hollywood meeting. Completely crazy and completely genius.
Mr. Volcano, who is essentially the Ghostface Killah of Sacramento, was involved in a very similar incident with a fairly talented hip hop outfit from Arizona. Due to the awesome power of Google, I'm not going to mention their name, but I'm fairly certain that 110% of you wouldn't recognize them if I did. This beat was epic and anyone who heard it knew it right away. Things fell apart though and once the dust settled, Volcano was owed money and only had their beat to show for it. Mostly diss free verses were recorded and somewhere along the way, it was dubbed Stolen Scripts as a tribute to Ghostface and the sometimes underhanded nature of rap collaborations.
This is one of those tracks by emcees, for emcees, with the focus purely on agressive lines and hardcore delivery. A From Parts Unknown classic, to be sure (enjoy some bonus tracks from the new Dark Avengers compilation tacked on the end) .

Stolen Scripts
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