What Lovely Minions

Every year, the homie X has me do a flyer for his daughter's birthday. A classy move in my book, as most kid's invitations rock a generic Strawberry Shortcake or Cookie Monster, whereas X's little girl get's the major event treatment with her own custom flyer.

He has since added a son to his brood, and the little guy was nice enough to be born a couple weeks from his older sister so they could combine birthday forces into a joint party (...not that kind of joint party, though).
This year, with a little stencil momentum going, I proposed a painting we could photograph for the flyer and X was on board.
I had two false starts on canvases, as problems with spray paint caused minor issues. I impulsively started a third time on a piece of scrap wood and the results were instantly better. I especially like how the smoothness of the paint plays against the graininess of the wood.

With the flyer deadline hanging over me, I spent a lot of time making small tweaks to each sibling until they look was right. I liked the stylization the shadow layer gives, especially the Gene Simmons sort of effect on his son.

Happy Birthday Lydia and Lil' Xavier!

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