Strength In Numbers

"Fuck...Ivan Drago was in Rocky IV."


"Did I say Rocky III?"

"....fuck it. Sounds harder."

"Yeah, that makes sense."

Before there was From Parts Unknown, there was the Strike Force. Named after an 80's wrestling tag team, The Strike Force was an excuse for Dark Sage and me to drink beer on weekdays, so long as we also wrote and recorded fresh raps on an old Radio Shack mic. There were no expectation of the finished product, which freed us to come up with some of the weirdest and most original work we've ever done. We started distributing tracks on MySpace and it was obvious that each track had been a shitload of fun to do, leading to guests popping up on songs. Our little project started to earn us a decent reputation among our peers, but we never lost sight of what was important: drinking mad beers.
Renato Espinoza would be the first person to tell you he's not an emcee. A renegade Mexican rocker in a platoon of rap nerds, what he lacked in rap prowess, he made up for in drinking ability. So when he popped in to a Strike Force session with a bottle of Seagrams 7 and a full pack of smokes, putting him on the mic seemed like the obvious move.
From the trip-hop sampling era of Dark Sage beats, Strength in Numbers starts off with a breezy Sneaker Pimps loop and a trademark Dark Sage free association rap (takin' more pics than Eddie Brock / runnin' from cops / teach you more shit than your pops). I keep it moving with 16 bars filled with references to Street Fighter II, Gob Bluth, and the aforementioned Ivan Drago flub, sounding thoroughly tranquilized (business as usual). Renato cleans up on the third verse, sounding a little stilted in his delivery, but keeps it together enough to deliver a soulful finale, complete with Seagrams-soaked crooning.

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