Estevan Rogers

It stunk like mildew, old newsprint and failure. It was the greatest store I'd ever gone into at that point, and it's fair to say that it blew my mind as it changed my life.
I was looking for Ninja Turtles merchandise, because that's what 3rd grade boys did on Saturday afternoons, but the proprietor of B&C Comics condescendingly informed me that he did not currently carry any. Slightly defeated, I began to wander around place, marveling at the vintage Star Wars memorobilia and boxes and boxes of comics from the 70's. I had gone through a Spider-Man phase as a toddler and had watched the Super-Friends religiously, but had never really perused an actual comic book before. In all my 8-year old wisdom, I had no idea that there were entire stores devoted to these little Batman magazines. With two dollars in change jangling around in my pocket, I was just about to leave when I noticed a few boxes with "25 cents" crudely scribbled on the side. Debating on whether or not to blow my funds on 20 Jolly Ranchers, I decided to give the box a look.
There was a series that seem to feature punk rock girls and and hi-tech monsters called the Uncanny X-Men. A little pointy-masked, wolf-man with long finger nails looked especially interesting. Another exciting looking series called West Coast Avengers had a tiger-woman in a bikini teaming up with silver robot and purple bow and arrow guy. I started to get a feeling that I had been wasting my life up to this point. A voice in my head was screaming, "Get as many as you can! Go home and look for change in the couches so you can come back!" And I've been digging for change ever since.

A tribute to may sacred love of comics. It makes me think about identity and what it means to grow up as a Mexican kid exposed to a scary amount of pop culture. It also makes me think about a non-existent issue of the classic title "What If?", as in, What if the super soldier serum experiment had been tested on luchadores instead of scrawny teens?

The Red Skull: With the Cosmic Cube, I shall enslave the entire world under my regime!

Santo America: Pinche cabron! (flying headbutt)

World War 2: America and Mexico win!

12" x 18" Spray paint,acetate and razors on collage-covered canvas.

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