What if Batman was a Mexican Baby?

Hey-Zeus, what adorable little bastards! Lil' Batman and Tiny Robin here are part of the latest collaboration between myself and my prolific girlfriend, Ms. Anna Morales. This Halloween-inspired piece was a birthday gift for my "cuñado," Javier, who's birthday actually falls on 10/31, and features his sons Dom and Armand from their toddler years.
I was glad to capture these little hellions in the SpongeBob-and-sippycups stage of life, as they are quickly approaching the firecrackers-and-switchblades phase, and it'll do Javier good to remember these simpler, more innocent times.

We took turns on it, with Anna applying the cosmic, purple background, and me laying down a crap-load of stencil layers for the boys. Anna put the finishing touches to it, adding in some of her specialty ink-work and that snazzy elastic band that really sells the depth.

That actually raises an interesting point that some have brought up. Why would a Robin costume include a pirate's eye patch? Well, obviously his interpretation incorporates elements of the alternate-reality storyline from Detective Comics Annual #7 where Batman and Robin are, in fact, pirates.

See? These guys are hardcore! Happy belated Born Date, Javier.

16" x 20" Spraypaint / Ink / Elastic on canvas

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