Kind of Blue (Demon)

I've seen Blue Demon Jr. a handful of times at live lucha libre events and it's fair to say I had a pretty good buzz going each time. If I had to wager I'd say that I've screamed the phrase, "Your my boy, Blue!" at him more times than anyone else in the modern world.

I had initially thrown this piece out, only to pick it up a few months later, this time with the sense to add a final layer (most of the black paint), which transformed it into one of my favorites. The lesson learned? Keep painting until it looks cool.


Beware of S.P.H.I.N.X.




A stencil I did last year as a tribute to both the unstoppable force of Brock Samson and to my cat who sorta smells like old french fries.


The Caveman Cometh

Art week is chugging right along with a third consecutive post! I thought I'd change things up today by showing a snapshot of my current work in progress. Spray paint on wood. I'm trying to challenge myself by using only 3 shades of blue for the whole deal. This is yet another luchador piece, this time featuring the dreaded Cavenario Galindo.

Come on back tomorrow for a venture into the streets.


The Garcia Circus is in town!

Today's post is dedicated to my glorious cousin Casey Garcia, but I should probably dedicate this whole blog to her.

See, me and Case came up since we both a few months old, letting out little farts in a dirty playpen. We've remained mad tight over the years, and still chat almost every day, mostly to discuss beer, video games and the complexities of women. She was the first person to really show me what art meant and without her influence, I'd have never picked up a spray can in the first place, so please raise your glasses to my awesome cuzzo.

This is the second stencil I ever committed to canvas, and to give you an idea of how highly I think of her, the first was of Hulk Hogan. I was just getting the idea of how to best play with multiple layers of color, and find the dark gray layers especially charming. Also notice the screen effect used hoodie elements on the right. I've had a lot of luck with laying fly screen on layers before spraying (see also Not My Ritchie and Dirk the Daring), and the piece I'm working on next (tune in tomorrow) is especially screen-centric.

The day after my first art show I called Casey and told her how popular her depiction had been with the crowd. Without missing a beat, she matter-of-factly responded, "Yeah, cause I'm pretty." Confident, artsy, and full of beans...that's my cousin!

You can follow her on Twitter at @garciacircus (featuring a very familiar icon!)



Thanks to all who came out to the Cookie Company show to see the latest art from Anna and myself. I chatted about my art and ate so many cookies that by the end of the night, I was a regular Robert Crumb (boom).

My latest stencil work ate so much of my time over the last two months that this place got real barren. It was snatched up for the show hours after I finished it, so I haven't had the chance to take a nice photo of it yet, but can't wait to show it off to you all soon. In the mean time, I'll try to make up for lost time by dropping a new post every day this week featuring a mix of some new stuff, some old stuff and a preview of the current bastard I am laying down.

We'll kick things off with an epic flyer I recently completed for my good pal, Karla. Below we see her darling offspring Eizai rendered in the same style I use for stenciling, but done up Photoshop style. As often as I use Photoshop, I'd never tried ths before and was very happy with how it came out.

Will I keep my word and post something tomorrow?!? Stay tuned to find out.