Thanks to all who came out to the Cookie Company show to see the latest art from Anna and myself. I chatted about my art and ate so many cookies that by the end of the night, I was a regular Robert Crumb (boom).

My latest stencil work ate so much of my time over the last two months that this place got real barren. It was snatched up for the show hours after I finished it, so I haven't had the chance to take a nice photo of it yet, but can't wait to show it off to you all soon. In the mean time, I'll try to make up for lost time by dropping a new post every day this week featuring a mix of some new stuff, some old stuff and a preview of the current bastard I am laying down.

We'll kick things off with an epic flyer I recently completed for my good pal, Karla. Below we see her darling offspring Eizai rendered in the same style I use for stenciling, but done up Photoshop style. As often as I use Photoshop, I'd never tried ths before and was very happy with how it came out.

Will I keep my word and post something tomorrow?!? Stay tuned to find out.

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